The War for Lugh: The Turning Point
The turning point in the war came during the Federation’s attack on Read Gateway. Cormac Uí Laoghire led the defence of the outpost personally, and after several days of fierce fighting, the Crimson State Group finally managed to achieve their first victory by successfully defending Read Gateway. However, the... Read more
The War for Lugh: Federal Domination
The past fortnight has seen a devastating war rage through the once peaceful nation of Lugh. The Crimson State Group, led by Éamonn Uí Laoghire, has long sought to establish Lugh as an independent system. However, it wasn’t until Éamonn attempted to gain support from Alliance officials that things... Read more
The War for Lugh: A Temporary Peace
The strike against Federal civilians by the Federal Navy, coupled with the capture of Hartsfield Market a few hours later, caused mass confusion and disenchantment among Federal pilots operating in the area. Mercenaries who had previously fought for the Federation began defecting en masse, bolstering CSG forces to the... Read more
Navy Withdraws from Lugh – Fighting Continues
Following last night’s special session, Congress has decided to temporarily pull the Federal Navy from active duty in Lugh. Navy vessels are currently in the process of being diverted to Qureshi Enterprise in Khaka, where they will remain until such time as Congress decides on how to best end... Read more
Late Night Session Held Over Lugh Escalation
The debate in Congress turned ugly tonight, as members of both parties grilled the President over her mishandling of the Federation’s interests during the last six months. Particularly hot topics included the heavy-handed ban against Onionhead, the resultant bombing of Panem, the loss of multiple frontier systems to pirates... Read more
The Battle for Hartsfield
In what can only be described as a devastating blow for the Federation, the Crimson State Group and the Sons of Conn have managed to wrestle control of Hartsfield Market from the Lugh for Equality Party. The fighting in the halls of Hartsfield was particularly bloody, with tens of... Read more
Faith in President Falling
Recent popularity polls have scored the President at a shockingly low 26% approval rating, with 43% of those questioned stating that they strongly disapprove of the President’s current policy decisions. Doubtless the latest developments in the war for Lugh are sure to be of huge concern for President Halsey.... Read more
President Orders Strike on Federal Refugees
Disaster struck in Lugh today, following orders given by President Halsey demanding that Federal pilots attack and destroy an unarmed refugee convoy as it fled from the fighting around Lugh 6. It is estimated that 9,322 innocent Federal civilians lost their lives in the attack. The President claims that... Read more
Halsey Honours Heroes
Despite the actions of undercover operatives acting on behalf of the Crimson State Group aboard Hartsfield Market, the Federation continues to dominate the skies of Lugh. Today President Halsey honours those heroes who have made the greatest contribution to the war effort. Among them: Lugh’s top gun, Commander Nightwulf,... Read more
Eyes on Lugh
Federal forces continue to dominate the skies of Lugh. The Crimson State Group’s air defences have been all but shredded, with the majority of their fleet now adopting a defensive position around Balandin Gateway and Knight Dock. Thanks to the actions of a crack troop of Federal Marines, Seega... Read more