The Explorers’ Association has released a statement confirming that the pirates operating in the Kaushpoos system have been eliminated. Hundreds of pilots responded to the organisation’s appeal, taking to their ships to battle the agitators disrupting the assembly of Kaushpoos’s new Ocellus starport and deliver palladium for use in... Read more
Sirius Corporation Takes Aim at Pirates
Reports are coming in of pirate activity in the Robigo system, a seldom-visited region of space that was recently brought under the control of the Sirius Corporation. Fortunately for the people of Robigo Mines, the system’s only outpost, the Sirius Corporation has a history of taking a zero-tolerance approach... Read more
Carnoeck System Clean up Nearly Over
Last week, United Carnoeck for Equality issued a public appeal for help in clearing the Carnoeck system of pirates and other disruptive elements. The agitators had congregated in the Carnoeck system in the wake of the Bacon Protests anniversary celebrations, and were harassing traders and revellers travelling to and... Read more
The Bacon City Hangover
Last week, the starport of Bacon City played host to the inaugural Bacon Protests anniversary celebrations, which commemorated the repeal of the meat ban that affected citizens of the Carnoeck system in 3288. Revellers from across the galaxy descended on Bacon City to join in the fun, and hundreds... Read more
Preparation for ‘Bacon Protests’ Anniversary Underway
Preparation for ‘Bacon Protests’ Anniversary Underway Today, a spokesperson for the Bacon Cats, a cooperative of independent pilots, addressed plans to host a spectacular celebration to mark the upcoming anniversary of the so-called ‘Bacon Protests’. The spokesperson, Julissa Silver, released the following statement: “It’s true that we’re planning something... Read more
Pirates Wiped Out in Amitrite
Pirates Wiped Out in Amitrite Officials from the Defence Force of Amitrite have praised the many pilots who helped clear the system of pirates this week. Hundreds of hostile ships were eliminated, and crime levels in the system subsequently dropped to new lows. Representatives of the Libertas Cooperative, speaking... Read more
Pirates Continue to Target Refugees
Pirates Continue to Target Refugees Reports continue to pour in from the Amitrite system of pirates targeting refugees fleeing the war-torn Pegasi sector. The refugee transports have been stopping in Amitrite to refuel while travelling to a resettlement centre in the Munshin system, leaving them open to attack. In... Read more
Pirates Target Pegasi Refugees
Pirates Target Pegasi Refugees Reports are pouring in from the Amitrite system of pirate attacks on refugees fleeing the Pegasi Pirate War. The transports pouring from the Pegasi sector are often overloaded and poorly equipped, making them easy prey for the pirates. Additionally, many of the families fleeing the... Read more
Kumo Crew to Target Lavigny-Duval
Kumo Crew to Target Lavigny-Duval Systems under the sway of Arissa Lavigny-Duval have begun expressing discontent at the current political situation in the Empire, and the Kumo Crew is taking the opportunity to cause trouble of their own. Leaked military intelligence indicates that hundreds of Kumo Crew fleets will... Read more
A Brief Look Back In this series, we look at some of history’s less well-known figures, and examine the part they have played in shaping the galaxy. This week, we revisit a group of individuals whose exploits were covered by a number of media outlets last year. Commander Angel... Read more