Achilles Aerospace urges pilots to plunder Titan wreckage
Intense investment into research on Titan travel has been announced by the aerospace subdivision of the famed robotics company. Their research has been centred on the method used by the Thargoid Titans to travel at speeds well beyond that of humanity’s current technological capacity. A spokesperson for Achilles Aerospace... Read more
Thargoid War Bulletin: Second Titan Defeated
Titan Leigong in the HIP 8887 system has been eliminated, following the same tactical approach used against Taranis. Vox Galactica’s Jade Sanderlyn reported: “Two of the eight Thargoid Titans have now been put out of action. Leigong suffered the same fate as Taranis, with its core being targeted by... Read more
The Assault on Leigong
*Pilots’ Federation Alert* Titan Leigong is under siege. This is an urgent call to all independent pilots to aid in the complete defeat of a second Titan. The key modules for the assault continue to be readily available at all Rescue Megaships: • Thargoid Pulse Neutraliser – To break... Read more
Titan Taranis destruction yields extensive data for research projects
The recent destruction of Titan Taranis has yielded a significant amount of data that scientists across the galaxy have begun interrogating. Science correspondent Leon Banerjee summarised for Vox Galactica: “Research on Titans has been ongoing since their first appearance, and understanding how they function has been considered crucial to... Read more
Thargoid War Bulletin: Titan Destroyed
Titan Taranis, one of the eight Thargoid motherships, is presumed destroyed after a concerted attack using Guardian nanite torpedoes. The journalist Jade Sanderlyn published a bulletin via Vox Galactica: “We’re receiving incredible news from the Hyades Sector FB-N b7-6 system, where independent pilots were supporting Aegis’s assaults against the... Read more
The Assault on Taranis
Titan Taranis is under siege, taking major damage, and close to presenting a major turning point in the war against the Thargoids. This is an urgent call to all independent pilots to aid in the complete defeat of a Titan. A recent surge of financial support has allowed Aegis... Read more