Silver Allied Network Implicated in Attack on Emperor!
Thousands of Imperial bounty hunters answered the call of Princess Arissa over the last week, joining her in the hunt to uncover the identity of the cabal behind the cowardly attack on the ailing Emperor. Acting on the advice of several trustworthy members of the Imperial court, the Princess... Read more
Imperial Law and Order: Investigation into Attack on Emperor Continues
Arissa Lavigny-Duval’s ongoing investigation in to the attack on the Emperor took the Princess to Nehet yesterday, where the Senator from Facece directed her followers to launch an all out attack on the Nehet Silver Ring. Hundreds of pilots answered Arissa’s call to arms, and under the direction of... Read more
The Talons of Justice
During an exclusive interview with the popular Imperial politics programme, ‘Question Everything’, Senator Arissa Lavigny-Duval provided some new insight into the ongoing investigation into the attempted assassination of Emperor Hengist Duval. “The fact that anyone would attack the Emperor, in his own palace, when for all intents and purposes... Read more
Imperial Citizens are Meant to Fly
Evidently the Senator from Facece wasn’t engaging in empty political posturing when she said that she would find those responsible for the attack on her father. On Arissa’s orders a sizeable number of Counts and Earls have flocked to Facece to help investigate both their fellow nobility and the... Read more
The Low Cost of Lives
The office of Senator Arissa Lavigny-Duval issued a statement this morning to reveal what information had been collected by members of the Imperial Court loyal to the House of Duval. “The Princess is extremely grateful for the support offered by her allies in these difficult times.” “As expected, the... Read more
A Light in the Dark
Since Princess Arissa’s impassioned speech on the steps of the Imperial palace yesterday evening, Citizens the length and breadth of the Empire have been speculating as to which group (or groups) prompted the princess to take such a public stand against them. Despite rumours suggesting that the speech was... Read more
Princess Arissa Addresses the Nation
In what can only be seen as a result of the attack on her alleged father, Princess Arissa Lavigny-Duval has today broken her long silence in an address to the nation on the steps of the Imperial Palace. “Honoured citizens of the Empire, my Imperial brothers and sisters, I... Read more
Preparations for the Emperor’s Wedding Gain Pace
Arissa Lavigny has shown the plans for her parent’s wedding on the 22nd of this month, including a sneak peek at the bridesmaids’ dresses. It will be a grand affair with visiting dignitaries from systems around and beyond the Empire. Rumour has it that the Federal President and Shadow... Read more
Arissa Lavigny Gives Revealing Interview and Pledges Continuity with Blaine
On the Imperial Herald political show, Arissa Lavigny gave a long and detailed interview, hinting that the Emperor’s status was not as serious as some claimed. “We’ve heard a lot of debate between the honourable Denton Patreus, Aisling Duval, and Zemina Torval, but we need to look at the... Read more
Torval Backs Patreus’s Line on the Imperial Succession
In a frosty response to a question from a reporter climbing into a speeder, Senator Torval replied: “All this in-fighting over the succession is unseemly. I have at least as much Imperial blood as that Arissa Lavigny woman and you don’t see me clamouring for the throne. Any fool... Read more