Galactic News: Utopian Campaign Concludes
A spokesperson for the technologically progressive enclave Utopia confirmed that its appeal for exploration data has reached a successful conclusion. In a statement, the spokesperson confirmed that the campaign received the enthusiastic support of the galactic community, resulting in large quantities of fresh exploration data. Simguru Pranav Antal, leader... Read more
Community Goal: Pranav Antal Requests Exploration Data
Every year, thousands of people disappear into the vastness of space. Some simply venture out too far and lose their way. Others are abducted by pirates and sold into slavery, their identities irrevocably erased. Others still may suffer more mysterious fates. For many, these disappearances are a fact of... Read more
Utopia: Commune or Cult?
Utopia: Commune or Cult? Simguru Pranav Antal’s vision of Utopia has taken the galaxy by storm, with recent estimates suggesting that 91.8 billion have joined the movement, and shows no signs of slowing down. Many are attracted by the commune’s experimental tech and high standards of living, as well... Read more
Latest Powerplay Column
Latest Powerplay Column Another week has passed, and the great and powerful of the galaxy continue to vie for power and influence. Who has prospered? Who has struggled? Read on to find out. Arissa Lavigny-Duval continued to expand at a rapid pace despite the fact that having her forces... Read more
Memorandum of Understanding between citizens of Utopia and Sirius Corp
Memorandum of Understanding between citizens of Utopia and Sirius Corp In their convictions that their interests coincide with each other, Commanders following Simguru Pranav Antal and those in the employ of Sirius Gov have agreed a non-aggression pact. They recognise each other’s right to exist, and to co-exist in... Read more
Peace and Prosperity through Production
Peace and Prosperity through Production The Utopians unveiled their plans to fight back against the pirates of the Pegasi sector today, at a meeting held aboard Yolen Hub in HIP 116213. Simguru Pranav Antal was met with wild cheers from the gathered crowds as he spoke about the sector’s... Read more
The Science of a Safer Society
The Science of a Safer Society Thousands of Pegasi sector civilians were forced to evacuate their homes last week, following a series of brutal raids carried out in the name of Archon Delaine. Some resilient residents have attempted to reach out to the Federation and Empire homeworlds for assistance,... Read more
Simguru Offers to Share Tomorrow Today
Simguru Offers to Share Tomorrow Today Simguru Pranav Antal made an appearance at the original Utopian commune in Antal today, to address rumours that the Utopians had entered negotiations to ally themselves with Shadow President Winters’ supporters. “It is only right for us to honour what came before us.... Read more
Winters Sends Envoys to Utopia?
Winters Sends Envoys to Utopia? In a move that many will see as being directly at odds with her predecessor’s hard-line stance against the spread of sim addiction in the Federation, emissaries of Shadow President Felicia Winters have been spotted meeting with representatives of Utopia aboard Tanner Settlement in... Read more
Galaxy’s Most Powerful People: Simguru Pranav Antal
As heir to the legacy of Simguru Rishi Antal, the master of transcendental technology, Pranav has a lot to live up to. There are many people who thought that Utopia, along with its various projects and subsidiaries, would inevitably fall apart once Rishi was no longer leading them. Pranav... Read more