Faulcon deLacy Cobra price – Latest
We are working our data sources hard in order to bring you behind the scenes information on that spectacular Faulcon deLacy price deal which is throwing fuel on the fire of the Eranin / Federation tensions by militarizing both sides. Who stands to gain from the Federation and a... Read more
Eranin vs Federation skirmishes intensify
Commanders are getting heavily involved in the growing conflict between Eranin and the Federation over Eranin’s 30th Anniversary of Independence. Almost as many missions were flown in support of each side in the past 24 hours as in the whole of the weekend since Eranin’s 30th anniversary. It is... Read more
Faulcon deLacy slashes cobra prices by 50%, offers 100% trade-in value in unprecedented move
It turns out that big deal that the Faulcon deLacy board was rumoured to be working on is a spectacular one. In a surprise move, prices of their Cobra Mk III craft have been slashed by 50% to 86,052 credits. FdL is also offering 100% of the trade-in value... Read more
Eranin celebration liquor banned by Federation
Eranin’s slow-burn escalation of tension with the Federation over its 30th Anniversary Of Independence celebrations looks to be coming to a head. On Saturday, Eranin’s 30th anniversary, the Federation declared the special celebratory liquor from Eranin illegal. Liquor from Wyrd, Eranin’s fellow independent communist system, was also included in... Read more
Ship sales service report
After last week’s stunning news of a free Eagle for all, Core Dynamics falls back to a more usual 13.6% market share. Faulcon deLacy remains top of the pile and tightens its grip on the market even further with a 1.6% overall market share rise to 41.6%. We have... Read more
Cold war ready to ignite?
Eranin’s 30 year anniversary of independence from the Federation is tomorrow, and their ‘cold war’ looks more and more like a tinderbox ready to ignite. Read more
Elite Pilots Federation Alert
The authorities are reporting that they have managed to contain the dramatic increase in black-market trading in the past week with numbers of illegally traded items considerable down on last week. As a result the markets show a healthy rise this week after last week’s slump with trading profits... Read more
Elite Pilots Federation Alert
Pilots need to beware that, following a dramatic increase in the amount of goods being traded on the black market, particularly Tobacco and Gold, the authorities are cracking down. It is thought that the increase in smuggling stolen goods may be as a result of a recent pirate propaganda... Read more
Alerte aux Pilotes d’Elite de la Fédération
Les rumeurs d’un scandale financier englouti actuellement le gouvernement de la Fédération ont diminué le niveau de confiance en la dette fédérale au point que beaucoup la considèrent maintenant comme toxique. Cela semble avoir déclanché un resserrement du crédit affectant aussi bien le niveau de stock que les marchands... Read more
Alerte aux Pilotes d’Elite de la Fédération
Demain c’est l’anniversaire des 30 ans de l’indépendance d’Eranin par rapport à la Fédération et leur guerre froide ressemble à une poudrière prete à exploser. Eranin affiche sa liberté et son fonctionnement de type communiste face aux systèmes Fédéraux en annonçant une liqueur de la célébration produite à Eranin.... Read more