Dignitaries Start Arriving on Capitol
Dignitaries Start Arriving on Capitol In scenes reminiscent of January, dignitaries and guests from the farthest reaches of the Empire have started arriving on Capitol. Already there is a shortage of suitable accommodation for the guests, and various senators are taking advantage of this by providing places to stay... Read more
The Emperor Speaks out for Unity
The Emperor Speaks out for Unity Although the Emperor showed some signs of frailty when he appeared before the Senate earlier today, his voice was firm as he called upon the assembled senators to work together and not against each other for the good of the Empire. “We live... Read more
Long Live the Emperor!
Long Live the Emperor! Senator Anders Blaine, Chancellor to Emperor Hengist Duval made a surprise statement on the steps of the Imperial Palace today. With obvious joy on his face he declared that the Emperor has awoken from his coma. “It is with great pleasure I can announce that... Read more
Emperor’s Grace Indicted in Attack on Emperor
Several weeks ago, Imperial Palace security uncovered an attempted plot to poison Emperor Hengist Duval. Princess Lavigny-Duval and Chancellor Blaine both launched their own investigations into the matter. The Chancellor’s men managed to locate and question the would-be-assassin, but they were unable to extract any useful information. Fortunately, members... Read more
Imperial Assassination Attempt Foiled
According to sources within the Imperial Palace on Capitol an attempt to end the Emperor’s life was foiled late last night. The close call came after a member of the Palace’s janitorial team alerted the Emperor’s personal physician to the fact that the Palace pharmacy had been left unlocked.... Read more
Blaine Refuses Patreus’s Request
Chancellor Blaine made a rare appearance at today’s Senate meeting in order to address remarks made earlier in the week by Senator Denton Patreus. “It is with regret that I must deny the honourable Senator’s request to access the Emperor’s medical records. As has always been the case, for... Read more
Patreus Calls on Blaine to Release Emperor’s Medical Records
In an address delivered to the Imperial Senate earlier today, Senator Denton Patreus has called on Chancellor Blaine to provide the Senate with full access to the ailing Emperor’s medical records. “The current situation is untenable,” the Senator said. “How long are we expected to simply accept that Emperor... Read more
Torval Handles the Help in Synteini
Corporations operating under the direction of Senator Zemina Torval have been making waves throughout the Empire this week, as shipments of unregulated slaves continue to pour into Imperially -sanctioned slave training centres in Synteini. Despite the questionable legal nature of the Senator’s import operations, the Senate has so far... Read more
Prism Senator Courts Controversy Again!
In a move which is likely to further increase tensions between the Federation and the Empire, a high ranking Lady of the Empire has been denied access to the Sol system. Lady Kahina Tijani Loren, the Senator from the Prism system, was on a diplomatic mission at the behest... Read more
Rumours of Imperial Wedding Delay Confirmed
After days of widely circulating rumours that ships belonging to major dignitaries had not yet departed for tomorrow’s wedding, the palace this morning confirmed that there will be a delay to the start of festivities. Chancellor Anders Blaine made an announcement on the steps of the Imperial Palace saying... Read more