Torval Handles the Help in Synteini
Corporations operating under the direction of Senator Zemina Torval have been making waves throughout the Empire this week, as shipments of unregulated slaves continue to pour into Imperially -sanctioned slave training centres in Synteini. Despite the questionable legal nature of the Senator’s import operations, the Senate has so far... Read more
Prism Senator Courts Controversy Again!
In a move which is likely to further increase tensions between the Federation and the Empire, a high ranking Lady of the Empire has been denied access to the Sol system. Lady Kahina Tijani Loren, the Senator from the Prism system, was on a diplomatic mission at the behest... Read more
Rumours of Imperial Wedding Delay Confirmed
After days of widely circulating rumours that ships belonging to major dignitaries had not yet departed for tomorrow’s wedding, the palace this morning confirmed that there will be a delay to the start of festivities. Chancellor Anders Blaine made an announcement on the steps of the Imperial Palace saying... Read more
Patreus Queries Emperor’s Coma in the Senate
In the first Senate session in the New Year since the public holidays, Senator Denton Patreus, Senator for Eotienses, has asked the burning question of the Senate. He directed it at the Chancellor, Senator Blaine – “It saddens us to hear that his grace Emperor Hengist has fallen into... Read more
Emperor in Coma
Senator Anders Blaine, Chancellor to Emperor Hengist Duval has made a statement on the steps of the Imperial Palace- “It is with regret I have to announce that his grace, Emperor Hengist Duval’s sickness has worsened, and he has fallen into a coma. His life is not in danger,... Read more
Emperor Seriously Unwell
Rumours are circulating that the Emperor’s condition is far worse than is being admitted. One source even claimed that he has died, but that hasn’t been confirmed. A senior palace source informed us that Chancellor Blaine would announce his death if it happened. We believe it likely that his... Read more
The Chancellor Speaks Out
The Imperial Palace has issued a statement saying that while the Emperor is unwell, it is not as serious as many commentators are suggesting. Nevertheless speculation is rife. The Chancellor, Senator Anders Blaine, has tried to quell the speculation. “The great Emperor Hengist has not involved himself in the... Read more