Nova Imperium Unveils Figurehead
Isolationist group Nova Imperium has revealed its choice for Emperor – an eighteen year old man named Hadrian Augustus Duval. The group’s leader, Imperator Mordanticus, broadcast this message: “It is incumbent upon me to reveal that Hengist Duval fathered not one but two illegitimate children in his younger days.... Read more
Emperor Hengist Duval’s Funeral
Emperor Hengist Duval’s Funeral The funeral of Emperor Hengist Duval, the 15th Emperor in the Duval line, took place today amidst a crowd of millions on Capitol in the Achenar system. Mourners from all over the Empire lined the streets of Capitol. All over the city, the streets were... Read more
Zemina Torval and Florence Lavigny Join Patreus’ Campaign
Zemina Torval and Florence Lavigny Join Patreus’ Campaign Senator Patreus has seen a resurgence of support since his declaration of war against the group responsible for Emperor Hengist Duval’s murder. Reports from the campaign have indicated that Emperor’s Dawn is now claiming responsibility for the regicide, although this hasn’t... Read more
Meet the Powers – Arissa Lavigny-Duval
Meet the Powers – Arissa Lavigny-Duval Continuing this GalNet exclusive series, political commentator Marcus Macmillan writes his opinion of some of the movers and shakers in 3301. In this second article he looks at one of the most respected women in Imperial politics: Senator Arissa Lavigny-Duval . Arissa Lavigny-Duval’s... Read more
Emperor’s Grace and Cosmic State Commence Weapons Manufacture
Emperor’s Grace and Cosmic State Commence Weapons Manufacture Following the very recent expansion by Emperor’s Grace into an Imperial system, a suitable industrial location for the production of advanced technology and weapons has been identified. It is deep within Imperial space and protected by forces loyal to Emperor’s Grace.... Read more
Date Set for Imperial Wedding
Date Set for Imperial Wedding The Office for the Emperor has published details of the wedding between Emperor Hengist Duval and Florence Lavigny. The wedding will take place at midday on Wednesday 29th July. Invitations have already been sent out and this reporter is one of the lucky few... Read more
The Emperor Speaks out for Unity
The Emperor Speaks out for Unity Although the Emperor showed some signs of frailty when he appeared before the Senate earlier today, his voice was firm as he called upon the assembled senators to work together and not against each other for the good of the Empire. “We live... Read more
Imperial Marriage Postponed
In a follow up to yesterday’s announcement, the marriage of Emperor Hengist to his childhood sweetheart, Florence Lavigny, has now been postponed indefinitely. The news marks the first time in over five hundred years that an Imperial wedding has had to have been delayed for any reason. As well... Read more
Pomp and Circumstance of the Royal Wedding
Foreign dignitaries are beginning to gather on Capitol in Achenar, in preparation for the royal wedding. Senators from throughout Imperial space have begun arriving, and many leaders from friendly independent systems too. Red carpets have been laid in local starports, and for the full length of the Imperial Avenue.... Read more
Aisling Duval Objects to Grandfather’s Marriage
Aisling Duval has lodged an objection to the marriage of her grandfather, the Emperor to Florence Lavigny. Coming out of the Office for Marriage with her Lawyer she read a prepared statement from a cue – “I have lodged a formal objection to my grandfather marrying his fancy woman... Read more