Christmas Celebrations Begin throughout the Federation and Alliance
Post Views: 223 Christmas celebrations and official public holidays have begun throughout Federal, Alliance and some independent systems. In ancient times the date once marked the shortest day on Earth and developed into a key date for various ancient religions still observed by some. The now traditional Christmas celebration... Read more
Rebellion Failing in Jera?
Post Views: 225 Senator Denton Patreus refused to comment today when questioned regarding the apparent failure of the rebellion in the Jera system despite his support. Reports from the system have indicated that the local security forces with the support of hired independent pilots experienced little difficulty in suppressing... Read more
Patreus Attacks Durius
Post Views: 235 Senator Patreus held talks on his Majestic class Interdictor the “Imperial Freedom” last night. The talks in the palatial Red Room on his ship were an impressive affair, but they quickly broke down early this morning, GMT, and Governor Malachai flew back to Durius without any... Read more
Emperor Sickness Worsens
Post Views: 255 Rumours are spreading that the Emperor’s illness has taken a turn for the worse. Speeders carrying medical experts have been seen entering the palace, and inadvertently last night an Imperial aide confirmed that one wing of the Imperial Palace has been turned into a hospital. Critics... Read more
Durius Defaults on Debt to Patreus
Post Views: 284 Senator Denton Patreus announced today in a press release that the government of the impoverished Durius system has defaulted on the loan he provided in 3294. The Senator has given them 24 hours to make the overdue payment or action would be taken. A haggard Governor... Read more
Emperor to Marry Sweetheart
Post Views: 267 A palace spokesman today announced on behalf of his grace Emperor Hengist Duval, that he is to marry Florence Lavigny, a sweetheart from his younger years. Under Imperial Law a marriage must be announced 30 days beforehand. Commentators have pointed out the Emperor could decree it... Read more
Senator Torval Speaks out against Aisling Duval and Her Abolishionist Message
Post Views: 225 Speaking to press in the jungle retreat on her yacht ‘Xanadu’ this morning, when asked about the comments Aisling Duval made on the chat show ‘Celebrity Pets’ Zemina Torval stated: “That illegitimate child Aisling Duval speaks out against slavery, but she knows nothing of it. Look... Read more
Federal Warships Bomb Farms
Post Views: 252 Onionhead stories are dominating the Federal media, with teenage criminality being highlighted. The coverage has increased demand for the narcotic in Federal space higher than ever. Admiral Vincent has announced a program of crop destruction from low orbit around Panem. “Dropships, launched from our orbiting Farragut... Read more
Senator Patreus Declares Succession About Power Not Blood
Post Views: 204 At the annual Feast of the 100, a banquet for key business leaders on Capitol in Achenar, one of the after dinner speakers, Senator Denton Patreus declared the importance of the Imperial succession. “We have a truly great Empire. Our grace Emperor Hengist is sadly not... Read more
Arissa Lavigny is the Daughter of the Emperor
Post Views: 288 Arissa Lavigny, the outspoken courtier and the daughter of historic socialite Prince Aristide Lavigny (famously eaten by his own pet Linglang when Arissa was very young) has declared that the Prince was not her father. She claimed that she is in fact the illegitimate daughter of... Read more