A Thargoid Fifth Column?
Amid growing public mistrust of a fringe sect that worships the Thargoids, a report suggests that the group’s members may be undercover Thargoid agents. Independent journalist Flint ‘Firemaker’ Lafosse shared his theories via the Rewired news feed: “I’m sure you’re all just as creeped out as I am by... Read more
Thargoid-Worshipping Cult Garners Hostility
Public reaction to a fringe religion that worships the Thargoids is one of mistrust and hostility, according to security reports. The nameless cult believes in the coming of the so-called Far God and the subsequent extinction of all humanity bar themselves. Their hive-chapels, inspired by Thargoid design, have sprung... Read more
Week in Review
Here are this week’s major stories. Princess Aisling Duval’s anti-slavery campaign has merged with independent charity Universal Liberty. The rebranded organisation is named Unchain. The former head of Universal Liberty, Jarl Toredo, expressed his delight at the union, while rebuffing questions about his rumoured romantic attachment to Aisling Duval.... Read more
Worshipping the Thargoids
A fringe religion that worships the Thargoids has come under the spotlight in a new academic article. The author, Dr Alfred Ulyanov, is a leading expert in exotheology. He summarised his work for the media: “A recent report by Gethin Okonkwo highlighted the emergence of doomsayer cults in response... Read more