The Fight Against Falisci
There’s war brewing in the Empire, as despite a stern warning issued in their direction by Senator Denton Patreus, the pirates of Falisci continue to plunder innocent traders as they pass through on the way to ply their wares in Dongzi and Ngaiawang. Things could soon change however, as... Read more
Lambda Andromedae: Bringing Data Home
Inspired by Universal Cartographics recent push to expand humanities borders, the Sirius Corporation has today announced its plan to launch a number of new colonial outposts to the very edges of occupied space. Ana Quin, Sirius’ Junior Vice President of Interstellar Logistics, had this to say about the announcement:... Read more
Yembo-Crowdsourcing Required to Help Build New Station
After a week of speculation, Universal Cartographics have today announced that the system chosen to receive what is planned to be the first of a new fleet of UC controlled Explorer Station’s will be HIP 101110. Samuel Covington, the leader of the committee in charge of choosing HIP 101110... Read more
Planning Underway for New Frontier Station
Universal Cartographics have today announced their intention to launch a new exploration station. Plans for the development of the new station are already well underway, although the ultimate destination has yet to be chosen. Members of Universal Cartographics and the Explorers’ Association were asked to submit proposals as to... Read more
Rejuvenation of Kappa Fornacis Underway
While protests on Mars continue, things are looking up for the beleaguered people of Kappa Fornacis, as Federal support agencies have begun delivering aid packages to those affected by the recent bombardment of the Onionhead fields on Panem. One of the protesters on the steps of Congress jeered at... Read more