Apalar System Calls for Aid
The government of the Apalar system has issued an unusual request, inviting independent pilots to help them elevate their system’s economy. According to Omar Jordan, governor of Svavarsson Terminal, the system is strategically positioned between the territories of several major powers, and is therefore ideally placed to provide these... Lire la suite
A Treaty in Tatters
Legate Andariel, of Aisling’s 13th Legion, has officially ended the ceasefire between the 13th Legion and Winters’ Wolves. Following a number of reports of Winters’ supporters undermining Aisling’s control systems, the Legate made the decision to dissolve the treaty. A press conference was held aboard Smoot Station in Chona,... Lire la suite
Imperial Commanders Closing in on Secret Smuggling
Rumour has it that several Imperial Commanders are closing in on a well-known smuggling route between the Torval and Delaine owned systems. Imperial slaves are illegal in Delaine space but sell for a small fortune on the black market. The Empire hates this because it takes what they consider... Lire la suite
Smuggling on the Rise in Conflict-Strewn Pegasi Sector
« Let’s just say I’m not flying a small ship anymore! » laughed one Commander, pledged to the Kumo Crew, when asked about the ongoing conflict in the Pegasi sector. « We all know that these Imperial types have been flying around and ransacking ships in our space, but what have they... Lire la suite
Pegasi Intervention Sparks Debate at Home
Unaffiliated supporters of Arissa Lavigny-Duval have today voiced concerns at rumours of an escalating intervention in the Pegasi Sector on the part of Lavigny’s Legion. Discussion of the the highly publicised plight of Imperial citizens living in volumes of space controlled by Archon Delaine’s Kumo Crew dominated newsfeeds and... Lire la suite
Opération Davy Jones – Les voix de la dissidence
Les efforts déployés par les forces impériales engagés dans l’opération « Davy Jones » ont poursuivi cette semaine, les assaillants ont maintenus la pression sur les forces dispersées et abattues d’Archon Delaine. Cependant, bien que les pilotes engagés dans l’opération restent optimistes après une série de succès locaux, la campagne a... Lire la suite
The Code Leaves Archon Delaine’s Crew
Some months ago, Archon approaches Captain Anopheles of The Code and says: ‘Ano, you’re my kind of guy. Your crew has been making waves as the most successful of all the pirate crews. Come over to me and make an alliance. I have my tech guys making some sweeeeeeeet... Lire la suite
Operation Davy Jones – Frontline report
It has been over two weeks since the Kumo Crew’s attempted expansion into the Imperial system of Cuchua was answered with ‘Operation Davy Jones’. With Imperial Commanders combining their efforts to contain and eventually wipe out the pirate organisation, the Pegasi Sector has been under siege. With an end... Lire la suite
Naval Academy Graduates join « Operation Davy Jones » in the Pegasi Sector
Speaking at the graduation ceremony of the prestigious Naval Academy of Achenar, Senator Arissa Lavigny-Duval announced her campaign to liberate the 5.6 billion Imperial citizens scattered throughout the Pegasi sector. « I wish to extend my personal congratulations for your commitment to personal excellence and to the Empire. As you... Lire la suite
Latest Powerplay Column
Latest Powerplay Column Another week has passed, and the great and powerful of the galaxy continue to vie for power and influence. Who has prospered? Who has struggled? Read on to find out. Arissa Lavigny-Duval continued to expand at a rapid pace despite the fact that having her forces... Lire la suite