Alioth Warns Lugh They Stand Alone
Speaking before a gathering of the Alliance Assembly today, Prime Minister Edmund Mahon has issued a warning to the Crimson State Group that it stands alone in its opposition to the Federation’s continued governance of Lugh. “It is not the place of the Alliance to intervene in matters of... Read more
Lugh Prepares for War
Crimson State Group representatives who were still present on Alioth were forced to make a hasty departure earlier today, as reports of Federal checkpoints being established around local exit points began to hit the Alliance blogosphere. It would appear that the Federation means to finally show its hand in... Read more
Assassination Attempt as Lugh Rallies in Alioth Grow
Alioth played host to scenes of chaos today when Éamonn Uí Laoghire addressed the crowds after his second attempt to gain an audience with Alliance representatives failed. While engaging with the huge numbers that had gathered to hear him speak, Éamonn was targeted by a single shot that was... Read more
Lugh Makes a Bold Step Towards Independence
The Alioth system has been at the centre of controversy today after the arrival of Éamonn Uí Laoghire, the leading spokesperson in the current bid for independence of the Lugh system. While at the time of this report Ambassador Uí Laoghire has not yet been granted an audience with... Read more
The Long Trip Home
After a week of wandering in HIP 110620 the Jaques Starport is now making its way through HIP 110079. GalNet is still no closer to learning the reason behind the station’s unexpected return, nor can we ascertain where the cyborg barman’s ultimate destination may be. A number of well... Read more
Vive La Révolution De Lave
Word circulated recently on the Galnet boards that a coalition of pilots of French origin (a country from ancient Earth, whose descendants still speak an archaic dialect) were planning to launch a violent coup aimed at gaining control of Lave station. As home to one of the galaxy’s finest... Read more
Istanu Piracy Out of Control
An investigation into local pirate activity near the Alliance core systems has shown a focused gathering of cut-throat pirates in the Istanu system. Miners operating in the area have been abruptly forced to leave or face death at the receiving end of high powered beam lasers. One local miner... Read more
Christmas Celebrations Begin throughout the Federation and Alliance
Christmas celebrations and official public holidays have begun throughout Federal, Alliance and some independent systems. In ancient times the date once marked the shortest day on Earth and developed into a key date for various ancient religions still observed by some. The now traditional Christmas celebration of commercial excess,... Read more