In a return to our popular series on significant episodes from human history, noted historian Sima Kalhana discusses the foundation of the Alliance. “The Alliance may champion the ideals of harmony and independence, but it is very much the product of violence.” “Alioth, the Alliance powerbase, was once a... Read more
Freelance Report: Keeping an Eye on Naval Expansion
On the popular independent talk show ‘Affairs of State’, political commentator Walter Astoria defended the recent construction of a new Alliance outpost while expressing concern about Federal and Imperial naval expansion. “Who cares if the new Alliance outpost is a listening post? The Federation and Empire are building capital... Read more
Galactic News: Alliance Initiative Successful
An Alliance spokesperson has announced that the campaign to establish a new outpost received the wholehearted support of the galactic community. The spokesperson confirmed that significant quantities of robotics, semi conductors and auto fabricators were delivered to Noti Dock, allowing construction of the new station to begin. Harlyn Tavistok,... Read more
Community Goal: Alliance to Establish New Outpost
Harlyn Tavistok, a senior member of the Alliance Assembly, has announced plans to establish a new outpost on the fringes of inhabited space. According to Tavistok, the new station will provide the Alliance with “a vitally important new resource, significantly bolstering our reconnaissance and intelligence-gathering capabilities.” An Alliance spokesperson... Read more
‘Operation Uranus’ Successful
‘Operation Uranus’ Successful This week, Archon Delaine hit back at the renewed Imperial offensive. Using a multi-pronged attack, the Kumo Crew struck hard at systems under the influence of Senator Patreus. Dubbed ‘Operation Uranus’, the campaign successfully pushed the system of Contiku into turmoil. The number of Kumo Crew... Read more
Meet the Powers – Edmund Mahon Continuing this GalNet exclusive series, political commentator Marcus Macmillan writes about some of the movers and shakers in 3301. In this third article he looks at Alliance Prime Minister Edmund Mahon. Politicians from the Federation and Empire often underestimate their counterparts in the... Read more
The Code Leaves Archon Delaine’s Crew
The Code Leaves Archon Delaine’s Crew Some months ago, Archon approaches Captain Anopheles of The Code and says: ‘Ano, you’re my kind of guy. Your crew has been making waves as the most successful of all the pirate crews. Come over to me and make an alliance. I have... Read more
Victoria Wolf VI and Commodore Stone launch Operation Augeas
Victoria Wolf VI and Commodore Stone launch Operation Augeas In a joint press conference, Victoria Wolf VI, First Merchantress of Wolf 406 Transport Co, and Commodore Helena Stone of the Alliance Defence Force have announced the launch of Operation Augeas. This is a campaign to rid BD-22 3573 of... Read more
Rise of the Nova Fleet on the Frontier
Rise of the Nova Fleet on the Frontier After several decades as a Freelancer member of the Pilots Federation, Commander DarkStar decided to unite a fleet of former Imperial and Federal pilot. Working closely with Commander Equin0x, he united them into forming a freelancer fleet to patrol the frontier... Read more
Alliance and Sirius Corp Pilots Celebrate Agreement
Alliance and Sirius Corp Pilots Celebrate Agreement The commanders of the Alliance and Sirius Corporation are today celebrating the one month anniversary of the Inter-faction Mutual Benefit Agreement (IMBA). This agreement declared that pilots of both powers shall aid one another wherever possible towards goals of mutual profit, in... Read more