Sirius Corporation Announces New Programme
Earlier this year, the Sirius Corporation expanded into the systems of HIP 8396, Almagest, Sothis, Ceos, and Robigo. At the time, a number of economists predicted that these systems would witness dramatic change after being brought under Sirius Corp. control, but in fact the affected systems have remained much... Read more
Remembering the Victims of the Cerberus Plague
The Cerberus Plague was one of the most devastating outbreaks to blight the galaxy for generations, devastating dozens of systems and affecting countless worlds. Official figures place the death toll at over 100,000. As of today, however, the disease is officially considered extinct. Carl Simmons, the specialist who led... Read more
Preparation for ‘Bacon Protests’ Anniversary Underway
Preparation for ‘Bacon Protests’ Anniversary Underway Today, a spokesperson for the Bacon Cats, a cooperative of independent pilots, addressed plans to host a spectacular celebration to mark the upcoming anniversary of the so-called ‘Bacon Protests’. The spokesperson, Julissa Silver, released the following statement: “It’s true that we’re planning something... Read more
Professor Ishmael Palin Responds to Proposal
Professor Ishmael Palin Responds to Proposal Last week, The Voice of Varati published a message from the Canonn Interstellar Research Group, an independent scientific body, inviting Professor Ishmael Palin to join their organisation. Professor Palin recently made headlines when his Federation-backed programme to research the so-called anomalous extraterrestrial objects... Read more
Securing the Borders in the Ceti Sector
The return of Onionhead to Panem may be a blessing for the farmers of Kappa Fornacis, but for their neighbours, the Fornacian dream has turned into a living nightmare. “It’s not right,” one concerned resident of the nearby BD-18 394 system told GalNet. “Sure, they’re doing alright over there... Read more
Quivirans Defy Doom
The war-torn region of Quivira has finally settled into an uneasy peace, following an intense period of fighting which saw hundreds of thousands dead and several billion credits worth of damage done to the local economy. Initially the situation looked promising for the People’s Quivira for Equality Party. Independent... Read more
The Sinner, the Saint and the Saviour
Two days ago, Senator Denton Patreus officially declared War on the impoverished system of Quivira. Thousands of vessels loyal to Patreus have been pouring into Quivira ever since, bringing death and destruction to any non-Imperial ships that they find. Fortunately, most of Quivira’s residents had already been successfully evacuated... Read more
The Doom That Comes To Quivira
For the last week Civil War has ravaged the independent nation of Quivira. Quivira Electronics Plc, acting under orders of Senator Denton Patreus, launched an all out attack on the People’s Quivira for Equality Party, leading to fierce fighting between the two parties in the skies above Godel and... Read more
For months now, the Old Worlds have been terrorised by roaming gangs of psychopaths and thieves. Residents’ pleas for help have been rejected by the Council of Admirals, who maintain that matters of internal security are the sole responsibility of member states. Many see this rise of lawlessness as... Read more
The Dukes of Mikunn have begun sanctions against the dictatorial Law Party of HR 7327, in the HR 7327 system. As such, commerce to the Law Party owned Gabriel Station will be under blockade until such time as a regime change occurs. As the Dukes of Mikunn currently hold... Read more