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Galactic News: Alien Tsar Makes Statement

It has now been several months since the galaxy’s superpowers commented on the mysterious spacecraft seen throughout human-inhabited space.

Some members of the galactic community have publicly wondered why the galaxy’s political leaders are keeping silent, but political commentators have been quick to point out that in the absence of concrete information, it is perhaps prudent of the galaxy’s leaders to refrain from commentary.

But it seems that, behind closed doors, the superpowers are taking the issue very seriously.

A spokesperson for the Federal Navy has announced that Admiral Aden Tanner, a seasoned military leader with over four decades of experience, has been appointed to the newly created role of Chief of Federal Security. Although the Federation has not elaborated on Admiral Tanner’s precise remit, an inaugural statement from the admiral suggests he has been ordered to investigate the mysterious ships, prompting media outlets to nickname him ‘the alien tsar’.

In his statement, Admiral Tanner said:

“Having reviewed all available information, we can confirm these craft are active primarily within the Pleiades Nebula and the space in and around the Maia and Merope systems. The significance of these locations – if any – has not yet been determined. We can also confirm, despite rumours to the contrary, that carrying an Unknown Artefact does not attract the attention of these vessels.”

“A number of independent pilots claim to have seen evidence that the mysterious ships have attacked human vessels, but no empirical verification has been recovered. Nevertheless, I would urge the galactic community to treat these strange ships with extreme caution.”

Admiral Tanner declined to answer questions from media representatives, saying only, “When we know more, you’ll know more”.

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