Hudson Calls for Vote of No Confidence
Shadow President Zachary Hudson has continued his criticism of Halsey’s administration, finally moving to the feared vote of no confidence. In his address to Congress, Shadow President Hudson has made it clear the situation needs a resolution. “These are uncertain times and, with no disrespect to Jasmina’s memory, we... Read more
Emergency Session of Congress
Shadow President Hudson today called an Emergency Session of Congress to address concerns surrounding Starship One’s disappearance. During the meeting, the Shadow President openly mocked the idea that Starship One’s disappearance could have been caused by simple engine failure. “Jasmina and I weren’t close – heck, we hated each... Read more
Federal Search Efforts Continue
It has been almost 48 hours since the disappearance of Starship One. Early reports indicated that the ship was lost with all hands, and in this instance GalNet is pleased to announce that the early reports were mistaken. Three ships from Starship One’s Guardian Wing made contact with Navy... Read more
Shades of the Antares Incident
At a press conference held earlier today, Acting Federal President Felicia Winters made a personal appearance to address the rdisappearance of Starship One after failing to re-enter normal space following a routine hyperspace jump. “The disappearance of Starship One has us all on edge. Tensions are high, and the... Read more
President Misses Meeting
Reports coming in from Saga indicate that the President has missed her scheduled meeting with delegates aboard Zudov Terminal. Maisy Stevenson, the leader of the Saga Republic Party, expressed her concern to GalNet in the following statement: “We were expecting Starflight One to arrive a little under 38 hours... Read more
Federal State of Emergency: Winters Declared Acting President
At 15:00 hours universal galactic time on 26th May 3301, Secretary of State Felicia Winters assumed the role of Acting President of the Federation in the wake of the disappearance of Spaceflight One. Speaking in an emergency broadcast to the nation, Acting President Winters had this to say: “It... Read more
President Halsey Sets Out from Sol
The crowds were out in force on Mars today, as residents gathered to watch the presidential battlecruiser, Space Flight One, depart on the start of President Halsey’s tour of Federal frontier systems. For security reasons, the exact details of the President’s itinerary are being kept secret. However, GalNet has... Read more
Tour of Frontier Systems Set to Begin Shortly
Despite a rather sceptical response to the President’s planned tour of Federal frontier systems, particularly the bizarre choice to visit 78 Ursae Majoris (a system which overwhelmingly voted to leave the Federation nearly two months ago), the President’s office has announced that the series of visits with local leaders... Read more
President Halsey Announces Tour of Frontier Systems
The President’s office has today announced that President Halsey will soon be setting off on a tour of the Federal frontier systems. The purported aim of the trip is to build stronger links between Sol and its many offspring. For years, Federal frontier systems have complained that the Mars... Read more