Community Goal: The Search for Starship One
In May 3301, the personal vessel of the Federal president, Starship One, disappeared en route to the Azaleach system. An investigation was promptly launched, but the fate of the vessel and her crew, which included then-president Jasmina Halsey, could not be conclusively determined. In a statement released earlier today,... Read more
Core Dynamics has Links to VP’s Death?
Core Dynamics has Links to VP’s Death? In another shocking revelation the Federal Times today posted a story highlighting possible links between a non-exec member of the board of Core Dynamics and Vice President Nigel Smeaton’s death. They first referenced an interview on January 28th with Congressman George Fallside... Read more
Aliens Kidnapped the President
Aliens Kidnapped the President The spectre of President Halsey’s disappearance in Starship One refuses to die down. Despite the findings of the official report some claim that the matter is far from closed. One such person is self-proclaimed conspiracy expert Ricardo Bentonio on his investigative show ‘The Hidden World’:... Read more
Two Dead in Tragic Accident
Two Dead in Tragic Accident Two people died in a crash when a personal transport collided with a Lakon Type-9 Heavy transport vessel. The small ship, a type used to run between orbital facilities, was destroyed in the impact. The small vessel was ferrying two transport safety officials to... Read more
For Some, President Halsey’s Disappearance Is Not “Case Closed”
For Some, President Halsey’s Disappearance Is Not “Case Closed” While the Federation considers President Halsey’s disappearance an open and shut case, some groups still doubt the official story. The Knights of the Black, whose members have sworn to defend all human systems against alien aggression, is one such group.... Read more
The Federation Unites in the Face of Tragedy
The Federation Unites in the Face of Tragedy Despite some fear that the recent change in leadership would lead to further destabilisation of the Federation, it seems that on the whole, the majority of Federal worlds are content to wait and see what kind of President Zachary Hudson turns... Read more
78 Ursae Majoris Celebrates Security with Shield Sale
After a series of skirmishes between independent pilots and pirates, as well as the drawn out battle against the Sobek Boys, 78 Ursae Majoris was facing a security threat in the run-up to Federal President Jasmina Halsey’s planned visit. News of the catastrophic accident that is believed to have... Read more
Malfunction or Malice?
It has now been 5 days since Starship One lost contact, and the search and rescue teams have yet to find any trace of the missing ship or her crew. According to Lieutenant Barringer of the Federal Transport Safety Administration: “Starship One’s disappearance appears to have been caused by... Read more
A Vote of Congressional Confidence
There is blood in the water and the politicians have begun hunting their prey. Yesterday, Shadow President Hudson placed a motion before Congress asking that they issue a Vote of No Confidence against President Halsey’s administration. The motion was accepted, and the vote has been scheduled to take place... Read more
Winters Willingly Agrees to Vote
Following Shadow President Zachary Hudson’s call to have Congress issue a Vote of No Confidence against President Jasmina Halsey, Acting President Felicia Winters held a press conference outside Congress to address the Shadow President’s concerns about the future. “Let me start by saying how truly saddened I am by... Read more