Remarkable ‘Lost Planet’ Rediscovered Remarkable ‘Lost Planet’ Rediscovered
Post Views: 698 The location of the first green gas giant ever recorded was a mystery for years, but it has now been found... Remarkable ‘Lost Planet’ Rediscovered

The location of the first green gas giant ever recorded was a mystery for years, but it has now been found by a community of explorers.

Commander Kelly Eldridge initially made the discovery on the 23rd of May 3301, noting that it was “the strangest gas giant I’ve seen so far”. The vivid green bands in the planet’s atmosphere made it unique to explorers at the time, and these types of gas giant are still extremely rare. The unusual colouration is believed to be caused by free-floating radioplankton that absorb planetary radiation.

Unfortunately, astrographic data of the system was not retained by Eldridge, so its precise location was lost. But in early 3308, Commander Richard Fluiraniz M began gathering enthusiasts for the ‘At The Eldritch Gate’ expedition, to collectively search for the missing planet.

The mission involved analysing constellation patterns and interstellar gas clouds in the only available image taken by Eldridge. Pilots also retraced her path by tracking neutron stars with her discovery tag, which involved multiple ships sweeping across an enormous area within the Perseus Crags region.

A match for the green gas giant was eventually made on the 16th of August by Commander Orange!, who identified it as the seventh planet in the Shaulai DL-P d5-274 system. With the system name supplied, Universal Cartographics then verified that it was indeed the original submitted by Eldridge.

Cynthia Sideris, chairperson of Universal Cartographics, gave a public tribute to the expedition:

“For over seven years, astronomers have been unable to officially catalogue the very first green gas giant. Through hard work and perseverance it has finally been found, and the full story of Shaulai DL-P d5-274 7 can be recorded for posterity. We are indebted to the Independent Explorers Association and everyone who took part in this historic achievement.”