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Freelance Report: Weird Science

As the scientific community grapples with the discovery of mysterious wreckage in the Pleiades Sector AB-W B2-4 system, controversial naturalist Ulla Burton believes she has the answer.

In her most recent broadcast, Ulla said:

“The answer is staring us in the face – it’s a form of giant space crab. I’m surprised the Canonn Institute hasn’t considered it. The creature was obviously confused by frame shift emissions, and beached itself while looking for food.”

While answering viewers’ questions, Ulla dismissed suggestions that the remains were dangerous or indicative of the existence of intelligent life.

“The chances of anything coming from the Pleiades, or beyond, are a million to one. Other than the space trees the Federation is guarding, there’s nothing in that remote, forbidding area. The Unknown Probes are nothing more than space fungi. The Canonn should stop misleading people with its pseudo-science.”

Commander Gan

Ogilvy Observer | Interstellar Press

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