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Freelance Report: The Alien Wreck

As independent pilots flock to the mysterious wreckage in the Pleiades, many have been speculating on the meaning of the discovery. Some believe the wreck is of Thargoid origin, but that rumour has little evidence to support it.

One pilot who visited the site shared his opinion:

“While the alien wreck is worthy of further study, I doubt it’s recent. Judging from the lack of heat signature, I think it’s been dead for a while – maybe even centuries. It’s hard to tell how old something is with a simple visual inspection, especially on a planet with no atmosphere.”

“I suspect it won’t be long before the Federation or the Empire tries to claim the wreckage, so we probably don’t have much time to study it.”

Independent pilots are still flocking to the site, but many questions remain. Possible links to the barnacles, Unknown Artefacts and Unknown Probes have been suggested, but no evidence of a connection has been found.

Commander Cosby714

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