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Freelance Report: Debate over Federal Intervention Continues

As the debate rages over the presence of the Federal battle cruiser Thanatos at Merope 2 A, public opinion has reached a crescendo. Commanders throughout the galaxy are weighing in. Is the Federal presence warranted?

While some Commanders applaud the Federation for its efforts to conserve the barnacles, just as many condemn the action.

One pilot, who wishes to remain anonymous but who supports the Federation, said: “Whether or not you believe the barnacles are sentient, they’re currently our only known source of meta-alloys. That in itself should warrant renewable harvesting techniques, rather than the vicious exploitation that has taken place so far.”

Others are just as adamant that everyone should be allowed to access the barnacles, and that the Federation has no right to place restrictions on valuable resources.

Another Commander said: “Typical Feds, sticking their nose into something that has nothing to do with them.”

Commander BluWolve

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