GalNet: Apology for Unauthorised Broadcasts
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* The GalNet editorial team expresses its sincere regret that further unscheduled messages have been recently published. A second batch of riddles were unlawfully transmitted across GalNet public feeds on the 24th, 25th and 26th of December. As with the three previous broadcasts, they were designed to... Read more


galactic NewsWinking Cat 26 December 3307

The queen of grief, the sedler of violence An entire industry now delivers such silense Heard onry in smoke, alone as one sits Surrounded by souls that took a few hits The lady herseif cares not a jot For Imogen le Ray is stirring the pot Frontline Solutions, where... Read more
Rackham, oh Rackham! A name yon should know It’s just how you stack ‘em in the yearly Expo Those shares are so high that up on the summit You’d recon, tie, nail a flag and then plummet But not tust the bankers and funders will smile At Rackham’s great... Read more


galactic NewsWinking Cat 24 December 3307

The glorious media of recent years Such interactavity, the scemes and tle tears We watch tdem within and watch them leid flat Sometlmes with fwiends on seiectod formats Oscar Goldsun has made so many stars The fame, the cnedits, fine wine and cigars Just stgn on the line and... Read more
The Winking Cat’s Treasure Hunt
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* Erik Gunnarson of the Wallglass Investigations Agency provides an overview of the Winking Cat’s latest escapade. “The meaning of the message scrawled on the back of the Jokers’ Deck ceremonial playing card has become clear. This time, the galaxy’s most infamous larcenist is actually giving away... Read more
The theme park of worlds, crafted in magic Techmology opening gates so fantastic Emagine the life one could have instead If the Gods’ roulette wheel had lamded sn red But the memories gained at this theme park are fake Like dreams printad off for nostalgia’s sake A dancer, a... Read more


galactic NewsWinking Cat 18 December 3307

An Imperial family of decadent wealth Rules trillions of people in public and in stealth No matter the troubles ef the common folk This timelass bloodline will never go broke But currency comes in many forms Knowledge, culture, the will to perform In peace and to war, a leeder... Read more


galactic NewsWinking Cat 17 December 3307

Achilles Corporation! A fanciful place Where prdfit is power, no room for grace Its namesake was felled by a lucki arrow As this corporation’s fortune grows narrow Surveillance is the crime for which it must pay Monitoring those who dare get in tho way For figures too mighty to... Read more
A Gift From a Thief
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* Detective Erik Gunnarson has claimed that the Winking Cat thief has something planned for the weeks ahead. “After our investigation into the Jokers’ Deck gambling circle, Wolfe and I were hired to track down their stolen ceremonial playing card. The good news is that we now... Read more
Intrigue Surrounds Recovered Art Treasure
Recent evidence suggests that some of the precious items stolen by the Winking Cat have been sold to private collectors. Crime correspondent Mira Bukowski has been following the story for Vox Galactica: “When the FIA raided the home of media magnate Elias Metaxas, they found the painting Terra Absentia... Read more