Services Suspended at Gabriel Enterprise
Officials at Gabriel Enterprise in the Harma system have reported that the technical issues affecting the starport have worsened, leading to the immediate suspension of all services apart from docking and shipyard access. This brings the total number of starports closed as a result of the mysterious malfunctions to... Read more
The Canonn Calls for Halt to Artefact Sales
The Voice of Varati today received a statement from Dr Arcanonn of the Canonn Interstellar Research Group: “As news of further station malfunctions spreads, I urge all those who have been selling Unknown Artefacts to stop doing so immediately, to avoid any further station shutdowns.” “There is a strong... Read more
CIRG Sends Scientists to Bond Hub
Mere hours after the Canonn Interstellar Research Group defeated the Labour of Varati in the recent Bond Hub election, more than fifty CIRG scientists arrived at Bond Hub from Thompson Dock. The scientists were accompanied by tonnes of equipment, which has been installed in makeshift labs. Professor D Luffy,... Read more
Services Suspended at Gaiman Dock and Weyn Dock
Authorities in the 64 Arietis system have confirmed that station services at Weyn Dock have been suspended due to ongoing technical issues at the starport. The announcement came within an hour of a similar statement from 49 Arietis, where it was confirmed that station services had also been suspended... Read more
More Malfunction Reports
Over the past month, starports in the Warkushanui, 49 Arietis, 64 Arietis and Varati systems have experienced a raft of mysterious technical issues and malfunctions. Gurragchaa Gateway in Warkushanui has been the worst affected, and at the time of writing the station remains in a state of partial closure.... Read more
Market Value of Unknown Artefacts Increases
The Money Matters news feed has reported that the market value of the mysterious unknown artefacts has dramatically increased. The report neglects to include specific figures, citing the “fluctuating nature” of the market, but does imply that the trade price has seen a significant upswing. According to Money Matters... Read more
Trouble in Varati
Following reports of technical problems in the 64 Arietis and Warkushanui systems, news of similar problems at Bond Hub in the Varati system are beginning to emerge. Stana Chapple, an engineer at Bond Hub, confirmed that the starport was experiencing technical difficulties: “Yeah, we’ve had a few system malfunctions... Read more
Armed Intruders Apprehended at Christian Dock
Security personnel at Christian Dock in the Nganji System have successfully apprehended a group of armed interlopers, it has been confirmed. The intruders, who were reported to be in possession of personal weapons classed as illegal in several systems, are being detained while they await preliminary sentencing. Jason Treeves,... Read more
Technical Issues in 64 Arietis
The starport of Weyn Dock in the 64 Arietis system has become the latest to be affected by mysterious technical issues, following a rash of inexplicable breakdowns and malfunctions at starports throughout the Warkushanui system. According to Laura Bishop, technical supervisor at Weyn Dock, the starport has experienced a... Read more
Station Services Suspended at Gurragchaa Gateway
Following recent news of technical issues in the Warkushanui system, officials at Gurragchaa Gateway have announced that all station services, bar refuelling and rearming, have been suspended. A member of the starport’s technical team released a brief statement: “Due to ongoing technical issues, we are currently unable to offer... Read more