Freelance Report: Fuel Rats Complete 20,000th Rescue
On the 7th of January 3303, the Fuel Rats successfully completed their 20,000th rescue since their foundation in June 3301. The milestone was reached during a busy weekend that saw the group complete a total of 230 rescues. Sources at Fuel Rats headquarters in the Fuelum system linked the... Read more
Freelance Report: Fuel Rats Announce Plans for New Outpost
Earlier today, the Fuel Rats Mischief announced plans for an extraction outpost near Jaques Station. “We’ve been considering such a base for quite a while now. Originally the idea was to set up near Sagittarius A* since it’s one of the regions most visited by explorers. The biggest challenge... Read more
Freelance Report: Fuel Rat Destroyed
A flight recording has surfaced revealing the destruction of a Fuel Rat rescue vessel. Two Fuel Rat pilots responded to an emergency call and refuelled an apparently stranded Python. One Fuel Rat jumped out of the system, but the Python pilot made his move before the second could follow.... Read more
Freelance Report: Fuel Rats Reach Milestone
A Fuel Rats public relations official has announced that the collective has now succeeded in rescuing more than 10,000 stranded pilots. Comprising a widespread network of voluntary search and rescue agents, the Fuel Rats has maintained a success rate of over 95% since its foundation in June 3301. On... Read more
Olympus Corp Thanks the Fuel Rats
Commander F-Zlim was on the home stretch of a six-month galactic tour when a CO2 leak knocked him out. When he woke to the blare of alarms, his ship, the ‘Korblah’, was out of fuel. Using long-range comms, F-Zlim notified fellow Commanders at the exploration arm of the Olympus... Read more
Fuel Rats Complete 2,000th Rescue
Fuel Rats Complete 2,000th Rescue In the 38 days since the Fuel Rats’ last made headlines, the group has rescued a further 1,000 ships, bringing the total number of Commanders saved from a frustrating insurance experience to 2,000. Financial experts have speculated that this service could have saved the... Read more
Fuel Rats Complete 1,000th Rescue
Fuel Rats Complete 1,000th Rescue Heroes: that’s what some call the Fuel Rats. Ever since launching their emergency fuel delivery service a little over two months ago, the Fuel Rats have made an impact on the lives of over 1,000 commanders who would otherwise have faced a long spacewalk... Read more
Fuel Rat Deep Space Relay Rescue The Fuel Rats received a distress call from Cmdr Neospike as he returned from Sagittarius A* when a broken fuel scoop left him stranded over 3,600 light years from civilization. The Reboot/Repair sequence failed to fix the fuel scoop. Several commanders responded to... Read more
Fuel Rat Rescue Operation Saves Millions of Credits
Fuel Rat Rescue Operation Saves Millions of Credits “I was on my way back from deep space last week when I made a horrible mistake,” stated Commander Fionn Mac Cumhaill. “Running low on fuel, I found a nearby Red Dwarf and expected to fill my tanks but when I... Read more
The Pilots Federation Supports Fuel Rat Initiative
The Pilots Federation Supports Fuel Rat Initiative Each year, thousands of pilots go missing in the black. Some are waylaid by pirates. Others are lost to the dangers of space. However, an estimated 63% of all deep space losses are attributed to pilots who simply run out of fuel... Read more