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Freelance Report: Claims of Further Diamondback Sightings

In the wake of the recent report from Obsidian Orbital that an unidentified Diamondback Explorer was observed scanning the starport, claims of further sightings have flooded in. A pilot by the name of Commander Doumaz_B asserted:

“I just saw one of those odd Diamondbacks circling Zenbei Orbital in Vaka. It was flying laterally, always facing the station, and it had no signature to lock onto. I tried to catch it in my Imperial Courier, but it was too fast. I followed it for a while and then it just…vanished.”

Most of the sightings that have been called in are obvious hoaxes, but some reports may be legitimate. The brevity of these elusive encounters and the lack of hard data have made it difficult to attribute these craft to any known organisation.

In light of these claims, several systems have elected to put their security forces on low alert.

Commander Corrigendum

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