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Galactic News: Okinura Appeal Successful

The Earth Defence Fleet has announced that its initiative to develop the economy of the Okinura system has been a resounding success. The organisation devised a two-pronged strategy in support of its goal – placing an open order for polymers with which to upgrade Fisher Terminal, and setting aside privateer bonds for combat pilots who help to eliminate agitators operating in Okinura. It seems that both operations were enthusiastically received by the galactic community.

As the campaign drew to a close, Shadow President Felicia Winters released a statement to the media:

“I wish to extend my gratitude to the men and women of the Earth Defence Fleet, and to the many independent pilots who supported this initiative. Let this achievement herald the beginning of a new era of prosperity for the people of Okinura.”

The process of upgrading Fisher Terminal is expected to begin soon.

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