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Galactic News: Meta-Alloys Appeal Comes to an End

The Pioneers Cooperative has announced that the recent appeal for meta-alloys has received the full support of the galactic community. Having taken delivery of thousands of tonnes of meta-alloys, the organisation will now begin producing ship modules that can safely transport the Unknown Artefacts. A spokesperson for the Pioneers Cooperative released a brief statement:

“Given the relative scarcity of meta-alloys, we were concerned we might not receive enough, but the galactic community has proven itself equal to the task. Work on the new modules is scheduled to start at once.”

Meanwhile, Professor Tantaga was asked about the starports experiencing UA-related malfunctions.

“In theory, the UA-resistant material could be used to return the affected starports to normality, but I don’t think launching a second campaign for meta-alloys is the right approach. In my opinion, the affected starports should be given the formula for the UA-resistant material, so any meta-alloys they have can be used to protect their outposts.”

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