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Galactic News: Federal Citizens Call for Halsey’s Release

A growing proportion of the Federation’s population is clamouring for the release of former Federal president Jasmina Halsey, who is currently a patient at a secure psychiatric facility on Mars. Despite assertions from Halsey’s personal staff that the former president entered the facility of her own volition, an increasingly large section of the galactic community apparently holds the view that she was hospitalised not for the good of her health, but in order to silence her.

One of those calling for Halsey’s release said:

“It seems even former presidents aren’t allowed to speak the truth. Jasmina Halsey is right – we should keep expanding, pushing out into space – but the Federal government isn’t interested. And now they’ve had her imprisoned.”

There has been increased discussion on newsfeeds over the past week concerning the former Federal president, and crowds of people have begun congregating outside the Clearwater Clinic, protesting her confinement.

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