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Galactic News: Emperor’s Dawn Shadow Cells Destroyed

Imperial Senator Denton Patreus has confirmed that the Emperor’s Dawn ‘shadow’ cells discovered two weeks ago in the Dakshmandi, Ipilyaqa and Ch’i Lin systems have been destroyed. Thousands of independent pilots responded to the senator’s call to arms, resulting in the total destruction of what are thought to be the last remaining Emperor’s Dawn outposts. Following the victory, Senator Patreus released a statement to the media:

“The galactic community has once again shown that it will not let itself be cowed by extremists. To all those who contributed to this campaign, I wish to offer my sincerest gratitude. I know that in the past I have been guilty of prematurely dismissing Emperor’s Dawn, but on this occasion I think we can safely say that this insurgent organisation, which has tried so hard to undermine our way of life, is no more.”

The battle was viewed rather differently outside the Empire, however, with one commentator stating:

“The Imperial propaganda machine would have you believe the Empire won by a landslide, but the truth is they had to work hard for victory.”

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