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Freelance Report: The Jaques Rescue Mission

Recent reports indicate that a coalition of independent pilots has coordinated a mission to deliver meta-alloys to Jaques Station. A spokesperson for the group issued the following statement:

“We need your help, Commanders! Everyone’s favourite cyborg barman, Jaques, has been discovered by Commander Cly in the Eol Prou RS-T d3-94 system.”

“Pilots are gathering in Maia for what will be the longest single-stop trade run in galactic history. Their mission is to deliver meta-alloys to Jaques Station and repair the damage done by the Unknown Artefacts.”

“In the interests of speed and efficiency, many pilots are flying Asp Explorers. Outfitting options vary between 8 and 16 tonnes of cargo, and large fuel scoops are common among the intrepid rescue party.”

“The mission’s first waypoint has been designated as Synuefai PI-I c26-8. Further systems along the route will be announced soon.”

Commander Andy B

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