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Freelance Report: Firefly Fandango Theory Disproven

Weeks after Dr Arcanonn shared Commander Engalo’s report of a ‘firefly fandango’ between the Unknown Artefacts and meta-alloys, he has issued this update:

“After Engalo’s research was published, our science teams set to work, trying to identify whether an interaction was indeed taking place. Soon after, many Commanders – including Locastan, Criosx and Engalo himself – came to the conclusion that what they were witnessing was most likely a product of the distortion field surrounding the Unknown Artefacts.”

“The field seems to diffract light in the Artefacts’ vicinity, causing objects around them to appear in duplicate. After close observation, it was concluded that what appeared to be pairs of dancing fireflies were actually duplicates of the same firefly.”

“I commend the teams for their hard work, and am pleased to be able to cross this phenomenon off our list of investigations.”

Commander Lord Zoltan

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