Reports of the Cerberus Plague beyond BD-02 4304
Reports of the Cerberus Plague beyond BD-02 4304 The heroic efforts of the local authorities at Newton Dock in BD-02 4304, combined with independent pilots from far and wide, have slowed the outbreak affecting the local population. Carl Simmons, the Chief Medical Officer of Newton Dock, responded to reports... Read more
Galnet Health Report Sparks Action from Angeli Imperial
The recent GalNet article on systems suffering from outbreaks and famine prompted the Angeli Imperial to take action today. The Imperial Group under the patronage of Senator Patreus gathered a small flotilla of cargo ships, from Cobras and Asps to Lakon Spaceways’ series of freighters, to load up on... Read more
Infection Running Rampant in BD-02 4304
Infection Running Rampant in BD-02 4304 Infection Running Rampant in BD-02 4304 Hundreds of businesses have closed and thousands of people are quarantined following an outbreak aboard Newton Dock in what could be the most devastating epidemic of the decade. The illness, the origins of which are currently unknown,... Read more
Blaine Address State of the Emperor
Blaine Address State of the Emperor Chancellor Blaine made an appearance before the Senate today in order to provide an update on the Emperor’s health, following the attempt on the Emperor’s life a little over a month ago. “I am pleased to report that the Emperor is recovering nicely,”... Read more
Compassion was the Cure for Ngaliba
The community of Ngaliba managed to avoid a fate worse than death this past weekend, as hundreds of aid workers flew to the region to help find a cure for the plague that had been ravaging its way through the system. Imperial, Federal and Independent pilots from all walks... Read more
Sickness Spreading Through Ngaliba
A wave of sickness has spread through Ngaliba, leading the Federal Centre for Disease Control to issue an amber alert warning all pilots to avoid Fullerton Horizons until further notice. Anyone who has visited Ngaliba in the past five days is advised to seek immediate medical attention and avoid... Read more