Galactic News: Unidentified Spacecraft Observed at Obsidian Orbital
Speculation is rife at Obsidian Orbital this morning following a close-quarters encounter with an unidentified Diamondback Explorer. According to Chloe Anders, a member of the surveillance team at Christian Dock, the mysterious vessel came within 10 kilometres of the station while performing what was described as a “high-speed pass”:... Read more
Galactic News: Cryptic Messages Found in Local Bulletins
A number of pilots have reported cryptic finding messages in starports’ news feeds. The origin of the messages is not clear, but they share certain characteristics, including references to apparent criminal activity, and in some cases coordinates. Often the messages are partially corrupted, suggesting they were originally hidden in... Read more
Unidentified Signal in Pleiades Nebula
A fragmentary signal has been received by the flight operations team at Obsidian Orbital in the Maia system. The source of the signal has not been identified, but the strength of signal indicates it originated from a star system approximately 23 light years from Maia. Unfortunately, interference from a... Read more