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Galactic News: Alliance Continues California Nebula Expansion

Last year, the Alliance established a foothold in the California Nebula with the construction of an outpost in the California Sector BA-A E6 system.

The superpower’s critics suggested it was trying to control the system’s barnacles, but the Alliance insisted the outpost was intended solely to support scientific research.

Now, fresh reports indicate that the Alliance is about to expand its presence in the region by establishing both a scientific outpost and an extraction facility in California Sector JH-V c2-12.

Kelvin Masters, a freelance journalist who regularly contributes to the Rewired news feed, commented on the development:

“Of course the Alliance wants the barnacles! They’d never admit it, of course. But that’s not the point. The point is what the Empire and Federation are going to do about it. At the moment they’re preoccupied with Maia and Merope, but sooner or later they’re going to turn their attention to the California Nebula. And when that happens, the situation is going to escalate, I guarantee it.”

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