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Freelance Report: The Cassiopeia Expedition

The Earth Expeditionary Fleet has announced plans to mount a bold expedition beyond the Perseus Arm to find two stellar objects in the Cassiopeia constellation first noted by Earth astronomers in the distant past.

“The Cassiopeia Project differs from other expeditions,” said Commander Finn McMillan. “We will attempt to locate two supernova remnants, which have yet to be found despite numerous attempts from independent explorers. Our targets are Cassiopeia A and Tycho’s Star.”

“This is not space tourism. The expedition to Cassiopeia A will take us into an area of space referred to as the Formidine Rift, which before the advent of the frame shift drive had a reputation as a kind of Bermuda Triangle. Few who venture into the Rift return to tell the tale.”

The expedition is expected to depart from Chi Orionis in the first week of November 3302.


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