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Freelance Report: Fuel Rats Reach Milestone

A Fuel Rats public relations official has announced that the collective has now succeeded in rescuing more than 10,000 stranded pilots.

Comprising a widespread network of voluntary search and rescue agents, the Fuel Rats has maintained a success rate of over 95% since its foundation in June 3301. On average, the group saves 36 pilots a day.

“The Fuel Rats is the only collective entirely dedicated to such rescues,” said the representative. “For a cooperative based on volunteers, donations and goodwill to reach such a milestone in less than a year is impressive.”

“When I look back at our anarchic beginnings, and see this ragtag bunch of misfit explorers expand into this remarkable cooperative, I am humbled.”

The representative also explained that the group is planning a memorial service for all those the Fuel Rats failed to save. The service is currently planned for the 5th of May 3302 and is scheduled to run for one week.

Commander Kerenn

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