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Community Goal: Alliance to Establish New Outpost

Harlyn Tavistok, a senior member of the Alliance Assembly, has announced plans to establish a new outpost on the fringes of inhabited space. According to Tavistok, the new station will provide the Alliance with “a vitally important new resource, significantly bolstering our reconnaissance and intelligence-gathering capabilities.” An Alliance spokesperson provided further details:

“Monitoring activity within human-inhabited space is of central importance to our continued security, but this particular sector currently contains a limited number of operational outposts. Our new station will address this issue.”

“To support this campaign, we have placed open orders via our partners at for Robotics, Semi Conductors and Auto Fabricators. Pilots who deliver these essential commodities to our base of operations at Noli Dock will be generously compensated.”

The campaign begins on the 14th April 3302 and will run for one week.

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