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Who are we, and what is our objective

This website is dedicated to the gathering of all official Galnet news, in every languages available. Sorted by categories, the news are available thanks to multiple sorting features: categories, dates, keywords with an auto-fill system.

The visitors will be able to subscribe to the website in order to receive the latest Galnet news, directly in your inbox, in your preferred language.



The team

This website has been initiated and developed bythe CMDRs: Aymerix, Biobob, Duita Rider, Khoriss, MatDallTac, Nicou.

Technical Support: CMDR Biobob
Webmaster / Design: CMDR Aymerix
Translators: Alex Ringuess, Blaise Pascal, CMD PAPAJOE, Dante01, Duita Rider, Hilfy d Anuurn, Hortax, Iméraxes, Izzy, Khoriss, MatDallTac, Mist0, Nicomak, Nicou, Phoneix, w4z, Zoran
Thanks to: CMD Gilmund

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