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Galactic News: Imperial Prima Donnas Flash their Claws

Princess Aisling Duval has clashed with former Imperial senator Lady Kahina Loren in an impromptu debate organised by The Imperial Citizen. Unbeknownst to either Princess Duval or Lady Kahina, parts of the altercation were broadcast live.

Princess Duval was heard to say: “You really thought you could swan in here from your provincial little system and get away with murder? You even had designs on being Emperor. Have you any idea how ridiculous you look?”

“I’m not the one wearing a stupid wig,” Loren retorted.

“You’re finished,” said Princess Duval. “Everyone knows you’re guilty. You’ll be stripped of your rank and title, and no fancy speech can save you!”

“At least I don’t need someone to write my speeches for me,” Loren replied. “Anyone with half a brain can see this is a set up. Ask yourself this – who has the most to gain from this ridiculous charade?”

“Nice try. You’ll pay for what you’ve done – Patreus will see to that. I know you hate him!”

“Oh, I despise the man,” said Loren, “but if I wanted him dead, he’d be dead.”

Lady Kahina Loren’s trial will take place in two weeks’ time.

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