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Galactic News: EG Pliots win Rise to Power

The third and final heat of the Rise to Power campaign is over.

For this stage of the competition, pilots were asked to recover salvaged precious gems and deliver them to Laura Elizabeth in the Meropis system. Matters were complicated by the fact that the event organisers refused to reveal the precise whereabouts of the salvage site, giving just a single clue to its location.

Once the location was found, a desperate race began as pilots urgently ferried the gems to the Laura Elizabeth starport in support of their chosen faction. Ultimately, it was the EG Pilots who received the most salvaged precious gems and claimed victory. But the celebrations were short-lived, as the EG Pilots waited tensely for the announcement of the overall victor.

Now that the results of each heat have been reviewed, the event organisers have announced that the winner of the Rise to Power campaign is…the EG Pilots.

Trinity Avon, reporting for The Sovereign, commented on what has proved to be an exciting competition:

“The EG Pilots have shown that they has the necessary strength and influence to be recognised as a power in their own right. I for one look forward to seeing what the future holds.”

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