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Galactic News: EG Pilots win Second Rise to Power Event

The second heat of the Rise to Power campaign is over. For this event, pilots were asked to head to the Nervi system and gather technical blueprints for their chosen faction. The one condition imposed on the pilots was that the technical blueprints must be stolen – a stipulation that gave rise to a number of clashes with Nervi security forces.

The final tally indicates that the largest quantity of technical blueprints was received by the EG Pilots, making them the winner of this stage of the campaign. But whether or not the EG Pilots will win the Rise to Power competition remains to be seen, as it will not be clear which faction has received the most support until the end of the campaign.

The Rise to Power competition will run for one more week, and the victor will go on to join the ranks of the galaxy’s major power players.

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