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Galactic News: Access to Naraka Temporarily Restricted

For some, Naraka is a system located in the Hydrae Sector, but for others, it’s a system situated between Pi-Fang and Eranin. That’s because there are two systems that bear the name ‘Naraka’.

This quirk of circumstance has long been a source of confusion for independent pilots, but Universal Cartographics has deigned to address the issue by renaming the former of the two systems.

A Federal spokesperson released a brief statement:

“Until Universal Cartographics has dealt with this issue, all travel to the Naraka system has been restricted. Access to the Naraka system located between Pi-Fang and Eranin remains unhindered.”

Not everyone is happy about the impending change, however, with one resident of the soon-to-be renamed system remarking:

“This is all well and good, but what will happen to my mail? It’s like Universal Cartographics didn’t even consider the postal service.”

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