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Freelance Report: The SHEPARD Mission

In honour of Alan Shepard, the second human being to enter space, a group of independent pilots has announced a galactic endurance expedition. The SHEPARD Mission (Stellar Heliographic Expedition for Proto-Astronomical Reconnaissance and Discovery) will document three types of stellar measurement: star composition and clustering, unknown supernova remnants, and star triangulation and migration.

The SHEPARD Mission will consist of five legs covering 37 waypoints and 12 base camps in the Centaurus Reach, the Scutum-Centaurus Arm, the Styx and the galactic core. The mission will also include an SRV planetary-circumnavigation endurance race and a climb to the galactic ceiling using newly discovered Pulsar-FSD boost technology.

Still accepting pilots, SHEPARD will last six months and depart from the Sol system on the 5th of November 3302.

Commander Parabolus

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