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Freelance Report: Pleased To Eat You

“We’ve heard a lot about these barnacles,” said controversial chef Oliver Gordon today outside his restaurant ‘PanGalactic’, “but the most important question has yet to be asked. How do they taste?”

“I have sampled delicacies from across the galaxy, including Ceti rabbits and Vacuum krill. Now I seek new flavours with which to tantalize my clientele. I intend to create a dish fit for an emperor: space barnacle broth with a Deuringas truffle oil foam and Ochoeng chilli reduction.”

When asked about the ethics of eating what could be a sentient being, Gordon was dismissive:

“Food is beyond such concerns. There can be no higher honour than to be lovingly prepared by my highly trained master chefs and served to the galaxy’s most demanding connoisseurs.”

Commander Gan

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