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Freelance Report: Fungi Discovered on Airless Worlds

The Colonia Citizens Network has reported that fungal growths have been discovered on the airless world of Colonia 3 C A.

There appear to be four distinct species, which grow on silicate geysers. Mycologist Dr James Morel had this to say about the discovery:

“Based on the visual telemetry, I can say the shelf and puffball-like specimens fall under the basidiomycota phyla of fungi. The other two cannot be identified without studying physical samples.”

“I urge explorers to handle the specimens with care, and to follow basic hazardous-material handing protocol. We don’t know how these species might interact with living tissue.”

The first data on the fungus was recorded by Commander Alesia of the Pilots Federation.

Julian McCoy of the Colonia Citizens Network Alien Research Division issued the following statement:

“The discovery of life, particularly in a remote region like the Colonia Nebula, is a remarkable achievement. I believe this find places new emphasis on the importance of colonization and expanding human knowledge of the galaxy.”

Hunter S Volkov

Freelance Reporter

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