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Freelance Report: Basking for Refugees

A group of well-connected Imperial Commanders has descended on the Kalana system carrying medicines and evacuation shelters. The loosely organized ‘Cutter Club’, as the group calls itself, has pledged to meet the needs of the Mu Koji refugees.

The Cutter Club has also organised a fundraising event in support of various other charitable efforts. The event, Basking for Refugees, will be streamed from Moore Prospect on the 2nd of October 3302 at 22:00 galactic standard time. The main event will feature daredevil SRV jumps over rows of Imperial Cutters. The public is invited to participate in the event, and to consider supporting a charity of their choice.

Commander PeachSlicesV summed up the event:

“War creates significant numbers of displaced, vulnerable and needy people. Whatever you can give will improve their lives. Who knows – one day they might save yours.”

Commander Corrigendum

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