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Community Goal: Mysterious Organisation Releases Message

In November last year, a mysterious organisation known as Revolution Incorporated placed an open order for explosives in commemoration of the Gunpowder Plot – a historic incident dating from Earth’s distant past.

The request attracted the attention of security officials who feared it might presage a terrorist attack, but ultimately no such attack took place. It is now believed that if the group did have nefarious intent, its plans were foiled.

But despite this apparent setback, the organisation itself has endured, having issued the following message to media outlets and social networks throughout the galaxy:

“Last time, they stopped us. This time, they will not. The powers-that-be must accept their fate, and pay the price for their misdeeds.”

“They will be taught a lesson in power – the power of the people.”

“If you are a true believer, be at the following location at 16.05 UTC on the 5th of November 3302.”

“Novas A 6, Novas system.”

Security forces in the Novas system have urged the public to ignore the message.

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