Vesper-M4 Plays Unwilling Host to Demolition Derby
Slough Orbital hosted the galaxy’s inaugural SIDEWINDER DEMOLITION DERBY last Sunday and it was a huge success. The event, which will now be held on the first Sunday of every month, sees pilots flying their basic, weapons and shield-free Sidewinders at full speed around the airlock ring in an... Read more
Mistaken Identity Leads to Outrage Amongst Explorers’ Association
In a surprising twist to a story published earlier in the week, it would appear that the man previously believed to have been Commander Kamzel of the DSS Beagle, was in fact an imposter who had stolen the Commander’s identity in order to try and sell millions of credits... Read more
Previously Unknown Explorer Returns from Outer Rim
Lincoln station played host to a rather eclectic delegation of scientists this weekend, as word spread of the return of Erimus Kamzel from his lengthy expedition to our galaxy’s Outer Rim. Commander Erimus’ journey, which started in Sol, saw our intrepid explorer travel a total of a staggering 144,000... Read more